It’s time to think beyond boundaries

Clients in the IT services & solutions market face a nearly endless number of alternatives for professional services. Each day there are literally hundreds of other global, national, regional, local and independent providers arguing for the attention of the market. As such, the ability for Allied Digital to have a clearly defined brand has never been more difficult and more necessary. A brand is more than a logo. The term branding describes the strategic positioning of a company, a process that reflects the thoughtful creation, management and communication of the values and vision that make a company unique. Our brand is a promise of value and difference in the market that distinguishes Allied Digital from the competition. Our brand is an ambassador that helps us occupy a place in the customer’s mind and conditions their choice of Allied Digital before a presentation is given. In short, our brand creates “a memory of the future,” predisposing clients to anticipate a positive experience with Allied Digital before it is delivered. When branding is done well, it allows people to understand the value a company provides; permits them to connect with it at a gut level; and creates a more compelling reason to buy the company’s products or services versus our competitor’s. To continue building the Allied Digital market position — who we are, what we stand for, and our vision for the future — we have to consistently communicate those values and live up to them. The Global Communications Team (GCT) is responsible for instilling standardization across all our communication touch points and is currently in the process of developing various initiatives and platforms to deliver the same across our business. In the months to come, you will encounter several new steps which the GCT will be undertaking in order to articulate a consistent, collaborated and single-minded brand commitment for all our key stakeholder groups (both internally and externally). In today’s environment this has become a prerequisite for value and wealth creation. I would strongly urge you to join hands and provide your support and acceptance to the upcoming new ways of effective communication and marketing initiatives; which in turn will help us go a long way in creating a market position that distinguishes Allied Digital, and positions our employees, our partners and our clients for the success we aspire to achieve.

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  1. admin says:

    Very useful information.

  2. Barrister Wanniang says:

    The article goes a bit in-depth into the definition of what a brand is and what it can do for an organization, but says little on what the ADSL brand is actually all about or what type of message is the brand trying to convey. Perhaps it would not be unwise to share the ADSL brand’s philosophy too, so that we actually know who we are and what we stand for, and clearly understand what the picture of our tomorrow should be.

    Just a food for thought… :)

  3. Rahul says:


  4. Mohd Zuhaib says:

    Very good information for every ADSL employee. It should be read by every one. Its whole about Allied Digital Services Ltd. :-)

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